CaBi on the Mall (7/2/2011)

photo by ElvertBarnes

I love Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) because it is fun and convenient. There's even a station right outside my house! I also save money by not taking the bus or subway just a couple blocks down the road in the sweltering heat. The bike lanes also make me a lot more comfortable since I'm not used to riding a bike on the road with lots of cars. I think for my short trips, it's really great to get around on the red bikes but I always wondered why there aren't any stations near monuments and most importantly, near Jefferson memorial. I would visit Jefferson a lot more often if there was a more convenient way of getting there. I learned today that Capital Bikeshare stations are not on these sites because the National Parks Service have contracts with companies on services offered on the premises and these companies have the right to refuse services (Guest Services Inc has not been part of any talks to places stations at parks). So will there be Bikeshare Stations on the mall? Doesn't look likely, but one can hope. So what can you do? Well, i suggest you go visit Jefferson anyway because unlike the other touristy spots, it's not crowded and has a great view of the White House! Also, become a Bikeshare member and you too can sport a really cool red bike :)