Expiration Date (8/1/2011)

Did you ever spend a night cleaning out your fridge and find out that you had something that had been expired for over a year and wonder if it is still good? Does soda really go bad? Or water bottles?  Or Pickles? I'm not sure about the last one (though that is what I found to be in the fridge way past the expiration date the last time I cleaned the fridge) but I highly doubt that water nor soda is bad for you to drink past the expiration date (especially unopened ones). I can't be for certain but in my quest to find out, I learned that FDA regulations does not require expiration dates except on infant formulas and baby food. Individual states have their own laws on labeling food and that is how I suspect that we find ourselves with bottled water expiring. I trust the smell and sight test over the use by/sell by/best before labels on perishable foods. Especially for bread! It's terrible to waste food just cause of a label. In fact, if you think you are about to find yourself with old produce in your fridge, I think it's a GREAT excuse for a dinner party (just make sure it really hasn't gone bad)!