Orange (8/3/2011)

I love taking photos and my cube at work is filled with photos that I have taken to remind me of people and places that are dear to my heart as well as really colorful images. One such photo is of an orange (seen below) that had just been peeled and a slice eaten and it sits right in front of me at my desk so I catch myself staring at it often and I got to thinking today what came first in the english language, orange the fruit or orange the color? From what I could dig up it seems like creating words for colors come late in linguistics. Going off of written history, the earliest known record of orange has been in reference to the fruit!

As I am trying to extend my vocabulary in other languages, I noticed that orange in these following languages seem very similar (though they don't all have the same origins):
Telugu: Nārin̄ja
Hindi: Nāraṅgī
Spanish: Naranja
Croatian: Naranča

This photo was taken July 22, 2009 out by the Hatch Shell on the Boston Esplanade during one of the summer concerts.