Melissa's Pictures

1. This is a bridge on Keene street beside the public library. Profanity has been sprayed with white paint onto the bridge's side. The bridge is also close to a small park where young children go to play. It is inappropriate for them to be exposed to this kind of language used in graffiti. 
2. This is a bayou under the bridge from the first picture. It is incredibly unsanitary and filled with litter. People have no consideration for the harm that the trash they throw in causes to the environment.
3. The lightpole in this picture is across the street from a park. It is the last lightpole on the street. It is only 6pm and it is already pitch dark. It is unsafe for the families living beyond that section of the street. 
4. This is a park where children spend time after school or later on in the afternoon. It is dangerous for children to play in this type of environment where there is no form of lighting. Teenagers use this spot to do negative things due to the inability of being seen by the people who may drive by. 
5. These are the steps for a slide at a park. It is easy to tell that it has become rusted. This can lead to many health complications for children on the playground. It is not unheard of for children to be hurt on the equipment of the park.