Consuelo's Photos

#1 It was taken on Feb. 17 2011 near the bayou in Galena Park by the high school. The picture can perfectly tell us that the residents at GP don't clean up after themselves. Which makes us look filthy. There is a plastic bag, tennis ball, and carton is inside streaming water. That's why it smells a lot at times.

#4 It was taken on Feb. 17 2011 near the bayou in Galena Park. In the picture you can see how some people don't respect what GP has left. It's vandalized and it makes GP look like we're not respected because nothing is being done by it.

#6 This picture of a house taken from GP on Feb. 17 2011 is on 1st ST. It shows how dangerous our community is. Some little kid can just kick a ball to it and the house will fall apart because it seems as though it doesn't have hope anymore.

#8 This picture clearly shows us that some part of GP wants to make a change by recycling. It was taken on Feb 17 2011 behind Family Dollar.

#9 This good friend of ours is named Dominic, he is part of the Fire Department of Galena Park. He was roaming the streets around 6 p.m on Feb. 17 2011.  This is to show that GP is trying to keep us safe at night.