YMCA (7/28/2011)

photo by kirinqueen

I love my YMCA, I really do! It's not only a great place to exercise and get my swimming fix every week, but also staffed with some really awesome people. I'm always greeted with a smile and asked about my day and if I need any assistance. Some of them even know my name! I also love the instructors in the classes and the new and interesting people I meet every time I'm there! During the summer, the place is full of kids running around attending summer day camps with their adolescent camp counselors. I decided to learn a little bit more about this place I love and found out some pretty interesting things. First off, YMCA was first established in 1844 in London by George Williams. The first YMCA in the USA was established in 1851 in Boston, MA. Originally a federation trying to promote christian values, it is open to all people regardless of faith or gender and most widely known for its swimming facilities. The thing I was most surprised to learn about the YMCA history is that there are a few universities that have sprung out of YMCAs, Northeastern University in Boston being one of them. YMCA also began the concept of night school for adults with full time jobs. Who knew? But to me, my Y is a place I go to for a healthy spirit, mind and body :)