We visited Assateague National Seashore, located on the eastern edge of Maryland, directly south of Ocean City, on National Get Outdoors Day 2012 (June 9th) . There is a portion of the park and beach that is a state park and another that is a national park. Directly south of Assateague island is Chincoteague which has to be accessed through the Virginia entrance. In Assateague we saw wild horses on the beach and they were beautiful to see from a distance. Since these are wild horses, at the ranger station they provide you with info and warning to not get close to them.

We went to Chincoteage the weekend of September 16th. We stayed at Channel Bass Inn, which is a cute bed and breakfast owned by Barbara and David. We highly recommend staying there if you are planning to visit Chincoteague since it's quite a drive from DC. We did not see wild horses on the beach but they were at a distance. We also drove around the wildlife loop because the mosquitoes were out in full force that day. It is a managable walk/bike ride if there weren't so many mosquitos. This seashore also is home to a working lighthouse.

The highlight of the trip was getting up early to head to the beach to see the sunrise at 6:45 a.m. While it was overcast that morning, there was just enough of a break in the clouds to see the giant sun come out of the ocean and go back into the clouds. Since the park opens at 5am, this is definetely worth the trouble of getting up early to go see!